Friday, February 27, 2009

my lovely daughter,amani

yesterday, i went to a clinic,

the appointment is supposed on Monday,

sorry forgot!!

a lots of work to be settled this week..

on that day, i finished marking students notebooks till 3.30pm

and I'd just remember the appointment at 5.30pm..o'ow..

than i planned to go on Thursday,yeah yesterday

amani's weight increase 200grams only from 7.7kg to 7.9kg

no wonder, she is very active,uncontrolled..

she keep moving, crawling around the family hall

at night, she still playing wif her sister till late night..

sometimes she laugh loudly, peek-a-boo wif her sister at 1.30 am!!

omg,it was early in d morning...

hmm,my lovely daughter,amani

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