Wednesday, February 18, 2009


yesterday, monthly test were held
my GPK 1 remind the students and teachers to make it serious
make sure they are getting pass the test
unfortunately,this morning,i caught 2 of my form 1 student were cheating in B. Arab paper
actually i had remind n warned them, not try to cheat or do something wrong in the test
but they did it after 10 minutes i warned the students
hmmmm they will get demerit!
i always discus wif my hubby about teaching n learning in our country are exam base...
so everyone keep talking the number of A's for their students or children's get
what happen to the students after few years or when they get in to upper secondary or IPT,
they can not manage themselves to be success
all are becoz of their luck!!!
it was really happen,
when they reach at secondary school, the teachers complaining,how the primary teach the students
when they reach at upper secondary, the teacher complaining what lower teacher were teaching the students
when they reach at IPT, the lecturer blaming the secondary school teachers, how or what they r teaching the students
it juz becoz of luck!!
in my opinion, they should do something to our T&L system
to help in producing "THE SUCCESSFUL MODAL INSAN"

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